Personal recount

Hi, my name is Sadie and this is my recount.


First I flew on an aeroplane to Florida to go to Disney World. As we landed I thought I saw an alligator! There was a sign that said DANGER beware of ALLIGATORS. There was a picture with an alligator eating a human. Sadly. I didn’t see any alligators. 


Then we walked out from the airport to get the Disney bus. There were blue velvet seats. It was so cool, there was a little screen that we could see everything! It was so perfect. We had a driver who was wearing a captain’s hat. He looked like a butler. When we got to our hotel there were people who carried our bags.


Next, we stayed at the Pop Century Hotel. It was so cool and it smelt like cotton candy with a hint of strawberry! Our room was so pretty, there was a balcony that was painted blue and it had a bathtub and a shower. Outside the room, I could see a giant keyboard next to the pool!


Then I went to Epcot.  I went on a ride called  Soarin’ Around the World. I LOVE IT!


Finally, on the last day, we had to wear our sweaters to go home because it was cool weather. We couldn’t go straight to the airport because we would be way too early for the plane. Since my mom’s uncle lived near Disney World, he picked us up in his car and we went to his house. We made pizza and chips.  A squirrel almost ate our lunch. Then he drove us to the airport just in the nick of time because they called us up to go to the plane. 


The World Does Not Need Money

The world does not need money. People should not want money. People should not need money. People should not have money. These are some of the reasons that I feel the world does not need money.

People should not want money. People should have the shelter, food and clothing that they need for free. People should have free healthcare. People should have clean water. People would be healthier if they have their basic needs met.

People should not need money. They should be able to go places and do fun things without paying for them. People would be able to trade their talents and share their things with each other. There would be less jealousy in the world. People would be able to do the jobs they love and be happy. Everyone would have happier lives not having to worry about money.

There should be no money in the world. More peace would fill a world without money. There would be more fun and happiness in the world. People could concentrate on being the best people they can be and not concentrate on being the richest people they can be. The world would be a wonderful and peaceful place to live.

These are some of the reasons that the world would be better off without money.  There would be less competition and jealousy. The world would be more peaceful and happier. People would be kind and help each other. People would live longer and happier lives if they didn’t have to worry about money. The world would be better off without money. What do you think about this kind of world?


The Body

The body is very important. The most important organs are the brain and the heart.

The digestive system is very important too. it breaks down food and so it will be easier to digest. genesis are a part of the body that can identify/track family🧬.you have apart from both parents. how you know that your baby is a girl or a boy is that girls have two X chromosomes and boys have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome


If you want to see more then click on the link!


How to keep your body healthy you need to eat healthy food for example meat, fruits and vegetables. you also need to exercise like going to the gym on a regular basis or going on walks.

The veins are very important too. they circulate the blood to go to your heart.

And the bones are things that hold your body up. they help you walk.

The ribs are a bone that sort of looks like a cage.


Now I will tell you the 5 senses 1.hearing .2.sight .3.smell.4.taste.5.touch.the 5 senses help us understand our surroundings.  


Our body temperature stays at 98.6 degrees unless we have a fever. our body cools itself by sweating through our skin. the skin is also a very important origin.