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Did you know that up until the 1900’s women were not allowed to be in control of their money!😯


Hello, grade 4 and ms.m I am Sadie and I am here to talk to you about women’s rights. In the words of Supreme court Justice Ruth Bater Ginsburg who was asked “When will there be enough women in the Supreme Court,” she said, “When there are nine!” There have been 9 men and nobody has ever questioned that!” 


Women’s rights has evolved so much over the years (PAUSE) but what if I told you that 4000 years ago in the Mayan civilization women had the same amount of power as men. 

This might be a little surprising but it is true! Fast forward to the middle ages and women were only allowed to work in the home. We jump forward in time again to the 1700s when women had no power or rights to vote or anything. This is where the women’s suffrage movement started. 


 Fast forward to 2022 and a lot has changed for lots of women around the world but there is still work to be done! This is where I am going to tell you about some amazing women! 


Let’s start with Michelle Obama. (PAUSE) Michelle Obama is the wife of former President Obama. and she has served as a role model for women and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity, and healthy eating. So thank you so much, Michelle Obama.


My second role model is Gal Godot. Gal Godot is an inspiring role model with her role as wonder woman she taught girls that they can be how and what they want to be. 


Now my final role model is Malala. Malala helps girls every day with her foundation. She gives girls the right to go to school so that all girls can learn and get a proper education to help them get a good job and live a good life. She has written books about her story and what happened. Malala desperately wanted to go to school but because she was a girl she was not allowed to go. 


What can we do to help the women of the world? We need to keep fighting for women’s rights. Even as we speak, in the US the conservative-led supreme court is trying to overturn Roe vs Wade, a decision that gave women choice in their pregnancy. Don’t be a bystander, if you see something bad that is happening to a woman, you should go and help them. We need to help raise awareness for women’s rights so that you and other people can help the world. Some ways to raise awareness are posting blog posts about it, sharing the history of women’s rights, or you could peacefully protest against the unfairness to women. 


Now here we are at the part where YOU can do something!  (PAUSE) In conclusion, all of the women in the world matter and we can try as hard as we can to help the women of the world. Women’s rights are important because of the history, the role models, and what we can 

do to help. If you agree with me, please try and help the women of the world with this knowledge that we both share. Thank you for listening!

Innovation day

Hi and welcome to my blog post for Innovation Day about medieval castles! I won’t just tell you about castles… I will tell you how I made my castle, my working drawbridge and some extra information I picked up on the way!

Here is some background information I collected when researching for Innovation Day.


Castles have holes in their exterior walls so that the guards can throw rocks at intruders to keep them away. Castles also have a moat to protect it from intruders. A moat is a trench filled with water that is outside the perimeter of the castle to make it harder for anybody to get near the castle. A moat needs a drawbridge so people can get across without drowning or getting stuck in the water. A drawbridge is something a guard stands right on top of to move it up and down. If there are any villains or intruders that are trying to come into the castle, the guard would have to pull up the bridge using a pulley to make it go up and down so they can decide who goes in the castle and who doesn’t. Castles have prisons to keep intruders and villains from the nearby towns to stay away and to teach them a lesson. 


Drawbridges help maintain order so nobody could get in the castle without a guard knowing. The drawbridge is something that is used to help people get into the castle without falling into the moat. Guards use a pulley system to move the drawbridge up and down. Normally, drawbridges have chains or string that they can wrap around the pulley to make it move up or down. If someone were to try lifting up the drawbridge without a guard, it would probably be way too heavy for them. Drawbridges normally have a gate that closes up and down and the gate is normally made out of metal or wood. This makes it harder for people to get in and out of the castle if the gate is down. 

Lords and Serfs

Serfs were farmworkers, they grew and sold crops and they took care of the animals. If serfs ran away from their village, and they managed to survive a year and a day without getting caught they would become a freeman. Serfs lived in small homes, usually made out of mud and wood, and the roofs were made out of straw. They normally had one room, and they would sleep on straw beds. Serfs had no education or power, so they had no authority and couldn’t do anything. 

If you were the child of a lord or a lady, you would live a privileged life. You lived in a nice home and you could be one of the few who got to learn how to read and write. Normally you would become a lord or lady yourself if your parents were one. 

Feudal System

Charles the Great was a person who took over the land for most of the middle ages. He became the King. He gave people who worked for him land instead of money. This was the feudal system. It was a different time back then. They enjoyed getting land more because they could have more crops, more food, and more animals to survive. 


Knights are people who help protect the castle so that if there is a war that starts, then the knights will help defend the royal family. 


Here is my design of what I wanted my castle and drawbridge to look like. I designed and created my design in Minecraft:



Before I get to my procedure, I will tell you what you will need to build a castle:
  • cardboard,
  • string,
  • clay,
  • and hot glue.
Now we can get started!
First I glued the cardboard in a box shape.
Then made battlements on the top of the castle.
After I cut the front for the drawbridge and then string and glue the string to the drawbridge so that you can lift and lower the drawbridge and that is how you make a castle!


Here is the final tour of my finished castle and drawbridge. I will explain how my pulley system works:

Conclusion and Self-reflections:

In conclusion, my castle looks like what was in my head and my pulley system works. If i did it again, I would have liked my castle to be bigger.

A shout out to Meadow for helping me with my Minecraft design!

Personal recount

Hi, my name is Sadie and this is my recount.


First I flew on an aeroplane to Florida to go to Disney World. As we landed I thought I saw an alligator! There was a sign that said DANGER beware of ALLIGATORS. There was a picture with an alligator eating a human. Sadly. I didn’t see any alligators. 


Then we walked out from the airport to get the Disney bus. There were blue velvet seats. It was so cool, there was a little screen that we could see everything! It was so perfect. We had a driver who was wearing a captain’s hat. He looked like a butler. When we got to our hotel there were people who carried our bags.


Next, we stayed at the Pop Century Hotel. It was so cool and it smelt like cotton candy with a hint of strawberry! Our room was so pretty, there was a balcony that was painted blue and it had a bathtub and a shower. Outside the room, I could see a giant keyboard next to the pool!


Then I went to Epcot.  I went on a ride called  Soarin’ Around the World. I LOVE IT!


Finally, on the last day, we had to wear our sweaters to go home because it was cool weather. We couldn’t go straight to the airport because we would be way too early for the plane. Since my mom’s uncle lived near Disney World, he picked us up in his car and we went to his house. We made pizza and chips.  A squirrel almost ate our lunch. Then he drove us to the airport just in the nick of time because they called us up to go to the plane. 


STEM Challenge

Building and testing a Parade float


Problem: Can I make a parade float that is strong enough to hold 100g and travel 50 cm?


Hypothesis: I thought I could make a parade float that could hold 100 g and travel 50cm


Materials: cardboard

                  plastic golf balls


How to make a mini parade float.

First, you draw a sketch. 

Then you cut cardboard lines

Results: It went 50 centimeters