The Body

The body is very important. The most important organs are the brain and the heart.

The digestive system is very important too. it breaks down food and so it will be easier to digest. genesis are a part of the body that can identify/track family🧬.you have apart from both parents. how you know that your baby is a girl or a boy is that girls have two X chromosomes and boys have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome


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How to keep your body healthy you need to eat healthy food for example meat, fruits and vegetables. you also need to exercise like going to the gym on a regular basis or going on walks.

The veins are very important too. they circulate the blood to go to your heart.

And the bones are things that hold your body up. they help you walk.

The ribs are a bone that sort of looks like a cage.


Now I will tell you the 5 senses 1.hearing .2.sight .3.smell.4.taste.5.touch.the 5 senses help us understand our surroundings.  


Our body temperature stays at 98.6 degrees unless we have a fever. our body cools itself by sweating through our skin. the skin is also a very important origin.